Night raid of Sireen’s family home

The family home of Sireen Khudairy, 24, teacher and non-violent activist opposing the illegal occupation, was entered on 11th November by Israeli soldiers in Tubas.

The raid took place at 3:00am, Tuesday morning, with some twenty soldiers taking part. Sireen was not in the house at the time. Her parents and other family members reported aggressive behaviour by the soldiers. Continue reading


Update about Sireen’s release

Sireen was last in court on Sunday 14th July, and a decision was made to release her on payment of 7000 shekels (aprox £1,500). We are really pleased that she is now home with her family. However, the court has ordered that she must not leave her house and must not use the internet. She also has to go back to court on 16th September 2013. We will wait to see if there is anything more people can do to support her.

Sireen’s family have sent a message to all Sireen’s friends who acted with humanity and solidarity to free Sireen. They said: “Thankful for your support against apartheid occupation, today (Sireen) feel sorry because she can’t thank by herself each one who supported her. As you know it’s forbidden for her to use internet. She sends her love for all of you. We wish freedom for all prisoners.”

Thank you very much for your support.

Sireen is being released

Sireen was in court on Sunday 14th July and a decision was made to release her
on payment of 7000 shekels (aprox £1,500). Her family were going to pay this today (16th July) so hopefully she is now free!

Despite having detained her for two months, the court has now ordered that she must not leave her house and must not use the internet.

She also has to go back to court on 16th September ’13.

We will post further updates when we have more info.

The family have thanked everyone who has extended their support and campaigned for Sireen’s release.

Justice for Palestine Matters, Australia, calls for action to free Sireen

Please support the appeal of ‘Justice for Palestine Matters’. They are calling on Dr. RASHI DA MANJOO, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Sireen. You can support their call at

NAME: Sireen Khudiri, 24
VIOLATIONS: Unlawful detention Continue reading

Geneva International Centre for Justice calls for Sireen’s release

Geneva International Centre for Justice issued a Press Release on 26th June 2013 stating:

“The arrest of Sireen as a clear breach of international law, notably the IV Geneva Conventions and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”; and

“A continuous extension of detention without any charge or fair trial is illegal and cannot be accepted.”

They have called on the UN Special Raporteur to “intervene with the Israeli authorities and request them to no longer arbitrarily deprive Sireen of her liberty”.

Continue reading

Issa Umro calls for the realease of Sireen at UN Human Rights Council

On 10th June 2013 Issa Amro spoke about Sireen and all other Palestinian prisoners at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Thank you Issa for your support.

Issa was OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)  Human Right Defender of the Year 2010 for Palestine. He has been detained many times himself, and in his speech he described how the occupation soldiers did  ‘everything to destroy our dignity’ including giving Palestinian prisoners filthy clothes to wear, awful food to eat, and handcuffing them for hours at a time.

He said that he was ill every time he was detained as a result of the conditions in the prisons, and that:

“Israeli occupation forces systematically target human rights defenders with arbitrary arrest, torture and death threats”. Continue reading

Free Sireen Sawafteh- Arrested by Israel on the 14th May 2013

Published by International Solidarity Movement 27th May 2013

Last Tuesday Sireen, a 24 year old woman from Tubas, was detained by Israeli forces. She is currently being held in Al Jalameh, an Israeli prison. Her family and friends fear for her safety. She has been denied access to a lawyer and she has not been allowed to make any contact with her loved ones since her arrest.

Sireen Sawafteh

At around 3pm last Tuesday Sireen’s car was stopped at a temporary checkpoint on the road between Nablus and Tubas in the West Bank. After brief questioning by Israeli forces she was detained. The second person in the car was also detained.

In the early hours on Wednesday, Israeli forces raided Sireen’s family home whilst her father Khalid Sawafteh, her mother, three brothers, sisters in law and their two young children were sleeping. Twenty-five army jeeps entered the town of Tubas. Twenty officers entered the home and over one hundred remained in the street cornering off the house. The family and young children were all taken into one room whilst their home was ransacked. Israeli soldiers took all the computers in the house leaving Sireen’s relatives in shock. Continue reading