Details of Sireen’s arrest on 7th January 2014

At 02:30am on Tuesday 7th January 2014 the Israeli army invaded the home of Sireen Khudairi and a British citizen in the Rafidia area of Nablus. After threatening the two women with violence they took Sireen to Huwwara military camp.

Ten Israeli soldiers entered the home of the two women, after blasting off the downstairs lock. The house and surrounding streets were also filled with army. They demanded to see the women’s ID but refused to show any official papers allowing them entry to their home. After searching the home they found the ID of Sireen and returned with Shabak (Israeli secret service) who stated they were arresting her. They refused to say why and refused to produce any official paper. When the women refused to comply one of the male soldiers threatened both women with violence.

As Sireen was forced to leave with the soldiers, the army mocked the British citizen by saying “I wonder if the Palestinian police arrest people so nicely”. 27 year old Sireen was taken to Huwwara military camp.

She is due in Salem Military Court tomorrow, Wednesday 8th January

We ask all supporters to please get in touch with their respective representatives and implore them to apply pressure to release Sireen immediately and safely.

Sireen was imprisoned last year for 3 months, 22 days of which she was held in solitary confinement with no access to a lawyer and her family did not know where she was. She was charged with posting anti-occupation statements on her Facebook.

Sireen is an brave and courageous woman. Please support her and call for her immediate release.


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