Update: Sireen Khudairi released

Sireen was released earlier today. Thank you to everyone who took action and showed practical solidarity with Sireen.

The following report on Sireen Khudiri’s abduction and release was issued on Facebook by Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine:

Sireen Khudairi

Sireen Khudairi

08 January 2014: Sireen Khudairi released after enduring a day of relentless questioning.

SFP is pleased and relieved to announce that Sireen was released today at 17:15 from Salem Military Court to the safety of her family.

Sireen was brought to the Courtroom at 10:30am after being made to stand outside for an hour with her hands and feet shackled and without a jacket.

Once brought into the Courtroom Sireen endured a relentless questioning until 17:00. During this time her feet remained shackled and she was made to stand throughout with no jacket in a freezing courtroom.

An international was present throughout the proceedings and was also able to observe several other Court proceedings of kidnapped Palestinians. Continue reading


URGENT: contact your Embassy to demand Sireen’s release

Sireen Khudairy was arrested again at 4am on Tuesday 7th January 2014. According to reports she has been taken to Huwwara military point.When the Israeli army took her from her home they didn’t show any papers to her or the person she was with.

This follows 8 months of harassment of this 24 year old Palestinian woman who is a teacher and supporter of the non-violent activist. She was previously imprisoned from May to July 2013, and has been subjected to frequent harassment ever since. See further details at https://freesireen.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/appeal-for-action-call-on-the-israeli-occupation-forces-to-stop-their-intimidation-and-harassment-of-sireen-khudairy/#more-98.

Please help by contacting your Embassies urgently to demand her release and spread her appeal widely. Follow updates on https://www.facebook.com/FreeSireenKhudiri?ref=hl.

Please contact us to let us know any action you take. We will pass this information on to her family.