Late night phone calls, threats and harassment

Israeli Occupation Forces use every means possible to subjugate and subdue those who dare to challenge their occupation. In the case of Sireen khudairy they have imprisoned her, placed her under house arrest, raided her family home several times, and threatened her to such as extent that she is now in hiding, unable to see her family and friends.

We have already reported on much of this harassment (, but it’s the other harassment, that happens away from the eyes of Sireen’s family and friends, that is designed to denigrate and break her.

Whilst in prison Sireen was kept in solitary confinement for 22 days. She was then transferred to Ashkelon prison where she was also kept in solitary confinement for a further 4 days. She was in a tiny cell, just 1.5 meters by 2 meters with only a toilet, but no mattress.  She could not tell if it was day or night in the cell and there was dripping water all the time.

Sireen was strip-searched by female soldiers in front of male soldiers. The techniques used when she was being interrogated included being forced to lie flat without moving, while they gave her a lie detector test, asking her hypothetical questions. She felt like they were applying psychological torture, in attempt to affect her resolve and her mental well-being.

Since her release she has often been woken up at night by phone calls. The caller asks her to collaborate with the Israeli Occupation Forces and in return she has been offered an end to her harassment, safety and money. When she refused, the caller threatened that they will meet each other again soon, and said that she would not be able to leave Palestine for 5 years.


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