Appeal for Action: Call on Israeli Occupation Forces to stop their harassment of Sireen Khudairy

Sireen Khudairy, a 24 year old Palestinian teacher and non-violent activist, has been in hiding since 11th November. Following intimidation and harassment of herself and her family she is unable to return home, for fear that she will be kidnapped by the Israeli Occupation Forces and imprisoned for a long period of time.

Her family are asking all her Palestinian and International friends and supporters to:

  • publicise Sireen’s case
  • lobby elected representatives to put pressure in the IOF to stop their intimidation and harassment of Sireen and her family

Incarceration: May to July 2013
Release from prison
11th November 2013 raid on Sireen’s home
Sireen’s family home raided again on 27th November
Take Action

Incarceration: May to July 2013

Sireen was kidnapped and imprisoned by the occupation forces on 15th May 2013. Later that night around twenty-five Israeli Army jeeps entered the town of Tubas and broke into the house where Sireen’s family were sleeping. They were kept into one room for several hours without food, water or blankets, despite the presence of two children.

Sireen spent the first 22 days of her detention in a cell on her own. Not only was she isolated from other prisoners, but she was prevented from seeing her lawyer or her family. Her ‘court’ appearances were within the prison, so family or friends were unable to attend.

See for more details.

Release from prison

She was held in an Israeli prison until 15th July, when she was released. Her family had to pay NIS 7000. (€1495) for her release. She was released on condition that she would not leave her home and would not use the internet – thus isolating her from all but her immediate family and preventing her from continuing her studies. She was ordered to return to court on 16th September, when she was found not guilty, but still ordered not to engage in any activism for 5 years.

See for more details

11th November 2013 raid on Sireen’s home

At 3:00am, Tuesday 11th of November, some twenty IOF raided Sireen’s family home. Sireen was not in the house at the time.

No warrant was shown, although an unsigned, unofficial piece of paper was presented giving vague instructions for Sireen. The instructions are confusing for two reasons: the paper instructed Sireen to report to the police at Tayasir Checkpoint, which is run by the army, not the police. Also the date given for Sireen to report there was the previous day, Monday.

No reason for the raid was given and it is unusual that the army is delivering orders on behalf of the police.

One day after the raid, on the 12th of November the Palestinian authority delivered a second document stating that Sireen Khudairy has to report to Mossad. Sireen went into hiding for her own safety.

See for more details

Sireen’s family home raided again on 27th November

At 2:00am on the 27th November, two large bus loads of Israeli soldiers and four jeeps invaded Tubas town. Around 60 Soldiers entered Sireen’s family home and arrested Waleed, her brother, in front of his wife and four children.

They forcibly took Waleed with them to six other homes, interrogating the occupants in Waleed’s presence. When the IOF were attacked by local youths in Tammoun they used Waleed as a human shield. They then took him to Hamra checkpoint, and released him at 7.00am.

See for more details.

Take action

Please contact your elected representative (eg Member of Parliament, Member of European Parliament, Member of Congress or Senator).

Ask them to urgently write to the Government Minister that deals with Foreign Affairs, and insist that pressure be brought on Israel to:

  • account for its harassment of Sireen Khudairy; and
  • stop all further harassment of her and her family.

Request that they contact the following people and institutions:

  1. Israeli Ambassador in your country
  2. Minister of Defence, Moshe Ya’alon,
    37 Kaplan Street, Hakirya,
    Tel Aviv 61909, Israel.
    Fax: +972 3 696 2757
    (The West Bank is under military occupation and military rule. Legal decisions about the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank are made  by the military occupation forces)
  3. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
    Palais des Nations
    CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
  4. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Occupied Palestinian Territories)

8 thoughts on “Appeal for Action: Call on Israeli Occupation Forces to stop their harassment of Sireen Khudairy

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i will do what ever i can to put a stop to the harassment of Sireen Khudairy.Unfortunately the canadian gov. supports the reactionary israeli gov.Although most people here supports the Palestinian People in their fight against israeli Apartheid.The Postal Workers Union here(CUPW)is a strong supporter of Palestine.I will get in touch with them concerning Sireen Khudairy.There are also other people here that i will contact.

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