Israeli Occupation Forces invade Tubas activist’s home

The occupation forces have again carried out a night time raid on the family home of an activists in Tubas town. This is the second such incident this month, November 2013.

Tubas town was designated as Area A under the Oslo accords, placing it under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli military is therefore prohibited from entering this area.

The military entered the home of Waleed Khudairy, brother of Sireen Khudairy, at 2:00am on the 27th November. Two large bus loads of Israeli soldiers and four jeeps came to Waleed’s home. Around 60 Soldiers entered their home and arrested Waleed in front of his wife and four children. The distraught family reported aggression and shouting from the army.

They first took Waleed to Mohayed Hosni Solyman Syaj’s house, where they separated him from his family and questioned him over his activities. He has previously been imprisoned by the occupation forces for 2 years.

Next they drove Waleed to Ammar Mostafa Daraghmeh’s house where they did the same. He has previously been imprisoned by the occupation forces for 6 years.

The army entered another four houses in Tamoon, making Waleed wait in their jeep whilst they did so.

When the army entered Tamoon the local youth attempted to defend their village against the occupier’s invasion. They destroyed one of the jeeps and the wheels of one of the large buses. When the army shot at the youth they used Waleed as a human shield.

After the questioning of the six families the occupation forces took Waleed to Hamra checkpoint where they questioned him and then eventually set him free at 7:00am.

As it is almost impossible for the Israeli military to enter Area A without being attacked by Palestinian youth they often have an agenda to enter several families houses to arrest or question people.


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