Night raid of Sireen’s family home

The family home of Sireen Khudairy, 24, teacher and non-violent activist opposing the illegal occupation, was entered on 11th November by Israeli soldiers in Tubas.

The raid took place at 3:00am, Tuesday morning, with some twenty soldiers taking part. Sireen was not in the house at the time. Her parents and other family members reported aggressive behaviour by the soldiers.

No warrant was shown, although an unsigned, unofficial piece of paper was presented giving vague instructions for Sireen. The instructions are confusing for two reasons: the paper instructed Sireen to report to the police at Tayasir Checkpoint, which is run by the army, not the police. Also the date given for Sireen to report there was the previous day, Monday.

According to the Oslo Accords, Tubas lies within Area A, in theory under Palestinian administration. The Israeli military is therefore prohibited from entering this area.

No reason for the raid was given and it is unusual that the army is delivering orders on behalf of the police. This raid is a clear example of the campaign of intimidation being carried out by the Israeli occupying forces against activists and their families.


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