Update about Sireen’s release

Sireen was last in court on Sunday 14th July, and a decision was made to release her on payment of 7000 shekels (aprox £1,500). We are really pleased that she is now home with her family. However, the court has ordered that she must not leave her house and must not use the internet. She also has to go back to court on 16th September 2013. We will wait to see if there is anything more people can do to support her.

Sireen’s family have sent a message to all Sireen’s friends who acted with humanity and solidarity to free Sireen. They said: “Thankful for your support against apartheid occupation, today (Sireen) feel sorry because she can’t thank by herself each one who supported her. As you know it’s forbidden for her to use internet. She sends her love for all of you. We wish freedom for all prisoners.”

Thank you very much for your support.


One thought on “Update about Sireen’s release

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