Issa Umro calls for the realease of Sireen at UN Human Rights Council

On 10th June 2013 Issa Amro spoke about Sireen and all other Palestinian prisoners at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Thank you Issa for your support.

Issa was OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)  Human Right Defender of the Year 2010 for Palestine. He has been detained many times himself, and in his speech he described how the occupation soldiers did  ‘everything to destroy our dignity’ including giving Palestinian prisoners filthy clothes to wear, awful food to eat, and handcuffing them for hours at a time.

He said that he was ill every time he was detained as a result of the conditions in the prisons, and that:

“Israeli occupation forces systematically target human rights defenders with arbitrary arrest, torture and death threats”.

Issa Amro is committed to non-violent protest. He was speaking to the Human Rights Council as a representative of ‘Geneva International Centre for Justice’ and ‘Youth Against Settlements’.

You can view the video of his statement (scroll to chapter 18, at  42 mins and 20 seconds into the broadcast.


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